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Hey guys! Happy February, better yet, Happy 2018! Crazy how fast time flies. In just a couple weeks we’ll be in March and we’ll all be rubbing our necks from whip lash wondering where the winter went. Nuts. Anyways, when I sat down to initially write this blog I began writing about 5 Resolutions We Need to stick to in the New Year and truth be told, even I was bored reading it. So, I figured instead of trying to get your attention with an enticing title, I’d speak from the heart. I’ve recently returned my heart and body back to yoga (Real Hot Yoga—great place, check it out for sure), which I discovered just four years ago during my time spent in Hawaii. As I reflect on myself, and my ability to adapt and morph my body, I become more aware of the power of acceptance. Accepting that I’m really not that great at doing a handstand, and some days the instructor really pushes me past my physical ability which in truth, is frustrating, and leaves me frustrated with my instructor instead of myself and my physical inability. But if I spoke honestly, I would tell you that acceptance, and patience, in all aspects of your life is a mere reflection of ourselves and our own perspective– It truly has nothing to do with other people. The mind is the most powerful gift humans were given. If we can train our perspective and our minds to accept and tolerate things like the right and wrong timing in our lives, accept every day, inevitable frustrations, accept the people we face daily, I believe from the bottom of my heart we will accept anything else that comes our way — thus only helping us to live a healthier and more positively charged life.

So today I’m going to tell you just 3 Things You Need to Accept in the New Year because that seems really awesome, and like a really encouraging way to start your New Year!

Timing: Patience and timing. Patience and acceptance. They go hand & hand and they have the power to alter your perspective. People always try to make bad situations seem ok by throwing “It’s just not your time” or “It’s just not the right time”, and though it seems like a corny excuse for things going wrong, it’s not! You need to trust the timing of your life. Whether it is progression in your financial life, the progression of your specific fitness journey, progression within a specific relationship, you must trust the timing and have patience, because, honestly, how good would anything be if everything good happened all of the time exactly when we wanted it? Often times people always say, “Once you stop looking for it, you’ll find it.” Time works the same way. Once we stop watching the clock, things happen while the hands tic. Accept that great things are coming, but maybe it is not today, maybe it is next week, or maybe it is next month. Nothing changes our perspective like putting faith that when the timing is right, good things will come to us with a little acceptance and patience.

Everyday Frustrations: You spilled your coffee. It’s freezing out. You woke up 10 minutes late. The light just turned green and some nut ball is honking already. You want to scream. Breathe. Did you die? No! You’re great. Today’s great. Take a deep breath. Sometimes it’s just one of those days and you’re already regretting get out of bed. But you know what? It’s OK! Have patience; accept them. Why? Because worse things happen every day all over the place and if we can accept and find a way to laugh at these tiny, miniscule everyday frustrations, if we can learn to accept them, and say you know what? It could’ve been worse, then I promise you, these sorts of days will become easier to bear and accept. These little frustrations over time will not even be a frustration, it’ll just be what it is, and I think that’s a really awesome way to look at things. In Hawaii, a cultural norm was to NEVER honk at someone in your car. If someone else was moving a little bit slower, “So what man.” And to me, that was really cool because so many times you get into your car and someone cuts you off and you want to exhaust all of this energy on tiny things to prove some point when in reality nothing changes besides our blood pressure. By the time dinner comes you’ll have forgotten all about it and once I realized that, I accepted that, “Hey, some days I’m going to spill my coffee, and some days I’m going to get cut off”, I found myself smiling so much more. And that’s freaking awesome.

People: I know, people. Funny right? Like ‘Yeah ok good luck with that Krista people are the absolute worst’. I promise no one is that way because they chose to be, and if they have chosen that, well that’s ok, accept them for being that way too! WE MUST! Because unless we move away to a desolate island, there is always going to be people you disagree with. And trust me, it becomes a hell of a lot easier to turn the cheek when you accept that they are not you. Maybe they have not had the same upbringing as you. Maybe they have not had their heart broken, or maybe they have. Maybe they encountered something that made them cynical. Or maybe, just maybe it’s the opposite– they’re so happy when you’re angry. Maybe today you’re the cranky person and their peppy attitude is bothersome. You know what? That’s ok too. Before you judge, always ask if it is you or them. It’s ok if it’s the contrary and it is you. Just accept that whatever it is, know it’s a mere reflection of ourselves, our mood that day and our internal feelings towards the situation. Accept that maybe it’s our perspective that needs changing somedays and not the other person. If we can accept and learn through the difference of people, it’ll be much easier to say, “I am me, and you are you, and thank Goodness for that”.


We let a clock tell us how to live our lives, and I think if we can learn to have patience and accept that the 5 pounds we want to lose do not fall off of our waist overnight but rather with hard work, a healthy diet, and steady dedication. Accept that money doesn’t accumulate over night, but rather with dedication, focus, and strong saving tactics. Accept that people are people — and truth: there will always be people you do not like, and mannerisms that drive you up the wall, but with a change of mind, sometimes a change of heart, we will learn to accept them. Because at the end of the day, we need so much more acceptance in this world. We need so much more positivity, and if you take anything from this, just remember the word acceptance and tie it to the word patience. Write it on the wall, write it on the scale, write it on the bank statement, let it encourage you to be and do better because you’re the only person that will make these small changes in your life. And making these changes will help make you a more positive, patient person, pushing you to better and greater things, and that’s really awesome. I encourage you to start accepting today because it’s the only thing we know for certain.

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