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In 2014, Kiersten and Krista Gormeley, the founders of Shaka Bowl, moved to the town of Hilo located on the Big Island of Hawaii. It was here where they learned about the “Hawaiian way” and gained the inspiration that would lead to the creation of Shaka Bowl.

To these sisters, the Hawaiian way meant more than just the way the locals lived. It meant living better. It meant eating wholesome, fresh, nutritious food. It meant living an active yet relaxed lifestyle. It meant treating one’s body and the world that nourishes it with respect and gratitude. It was an inspiration to their being and one they wanted to share with the world.

In 2015 they returned to their home state of New Jersey with a plan to share the Hawaiian way via the creation of Shaka Bowl. Shaka Bowl was to be a health focused eatery based on Hawaiian cuisine where one could escape the stresses of everyday life and focus on the betterment of one’s self through eating wholesome, fresh, nutritious food in a relaxing environment with a caring staff that treats each and every customer like ohana (Family).

As they began preparations for their first restaurant, life took a turn for the siblings when Kiersten was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Kiersten persevered through this tough time and quickly beat the cancer crediting the Hawaiian way for her speedy recovery. Back in good health, the sisters were ever more determined to share the power of healthy eating.

In the Fall of 2016, the first Shaka Bowl was opened in Hoboken, NJ with a menu centered around acai, pitaya and poke bowls and smoothies. The population of Hoboken embraced the Hawaiian way that the sisters had brought to them and the sisters soon expanded their menu and opened a second Hoboken location to cater to the rising demand.

Today, Shaka Bowl offers an array of house-made dishes prepared from fresh, natural ingredients in store daily that cater to every single dietary need. Their expanded menu includes soups, baked goods, toasts, seasonal treats and more. Shaka Bowl has been featured in Forbes, The Digest, and several other media outlets and now caters for clients such as Bloomingdales, GOAT, Snapchat, Forbes, Shutterstock and many more. You can now #FindYourShaka at their two locations located in Hoboken, New Jersey.

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At Shaka, we believe in only choosing from the finest of ingredients since all our recipes our made fresh in house.
Upon every visit, we guarantee you will get the highest quality of fish, acai, vegetables, and more. With our produce & fish being delivered daily to each location, we ensure that you are experiencing nothing but the best.

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Acaí & Pitaya Bowls

Build your own acaí & pitaya bowl by choosing the base, fruits and toppings, or you can choose from our 4 signature bowls.

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All of our smoothies are dairy free and plant based. You have a choice of 9 different smoothies, all of which can have protein or avocado added for just $1.

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Poké Bowls

Build your own poké bowl by choosing your own base, protein, mix-ins, toppings and sauces. Or choose from any of our five signature bowls.

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