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Hey guys! Happy December. Woof, December. Talk about the crunch month of the year. Whether it’s getting gifts for everyone you care about, rushing to meet a quota at work before the years end, or you are scrambling to get all of your school work done before winter break, there truly is nothing at ease about this month besides the joyous gift that comes from being able to spend the holidays with people whom we care about, and they us. I for whatever reason, usually find myself under a little bit of stress this time of year regardless. I remember when I was in college, I would be trying to work so much to afford Christmas gifts for my family, but also was a full-time student trying to get past all of my finals, but still trying to see all my friends when they came home for break and all the while get myself to the gym and take time for myself. Talk about heaps of anxiety.

Anxiety. Let that word settle in on you. What does it mean? Honestly- it means a million and one different things. For some it may mean the rush of shakes they get if they drink too much caffeine, for others it may be the fear they get of a final examination for the semester, for others it’s a way of living. That’s me. It’s my way of living. This is one of those topics where if I write too much I’ll feel like you guys are weirded out, and if I don’t let you in on enough, well, it just wouldn’t make all that much sense.

So anxiety. One of those words we hear all our life, and think we get it, but we don’t really get it until we experience it. So, why? “Why are you anxious? What are you anxious about?”, “Well that’ll never happen so”. Right. If only. For those of us who call this is a way of living- it’s not an easy topic to understand- at all. It’s not a “why?” and or a simple “because”, and if it was, well we may not be so anxious, you know? Somedays I wake up and the car is running but no one’s home. I’m present, going through the motions of life, aware that my life is moving, but I’m not really there. I’m internal. I’m focused on breathing, I’m dizzy, my ears are ringing by my heightened stress, my toes are numb, and truthfully, I’m suffering. I’m fearful and believe that I could die at any moment. Dark? Yes, it is. On the bright side? There’s at least two weeks of the month that I feel completely at ease, happy, and life moves on like I’m not sick to some degree- when I’m able to logic with myself and tell myself what I’m feeling is just what is it, anxiety.

That’s a long story made short. I’m sure there are thousands of others out there looking for solutions, for thousands of other symptoms, reasons, and so forth. I, personally, have always been an active person. For my entire adult life, I’ve ate well and taken care of my body and my mind. None of that mattered when my anxiety took over around 2 years ago. It didn’t matter how much I worked out, my body was constantly under stress, I would jump off the treadmill just to be able to force myself to take a deep breath. Forcing out a yawn due to the lack of oxygen flowing. I was hoarding cortisol in my body. I was gaining weight. I was, and some days, am miserable, and that’s even with acknowledging daily how beautiful and perfect and blessed life has been to me. It’s not a choice, and quite frankly some days I cry let alone at the fact that I cannot control this feeling. It’s a disease, and over 7 plus millions of us nationwide suffer from this disease.

Standing behind our brand- this idea of simplicity, that living a healthy lifestyle is so so simple is completely challenged when we throw in anxiety. I know this from personal experience. I’ve lived a healthy lifestyle for what I’d like to say is most of my life.  To me, and Shaka Bowl, this means more than just eating well. A healthy lifestyle means taking time for yourself daily, eating mindfully and aware when putting food into your body, practicing positive thinking, exercising yes, but more importantly being active in any way possible, keeping strong relationships amongst your family and friends, setting goals, and SO much more. It means keeping your mind, body, and heart in a healthy place. This becomes so hard when our mind cannot possibly be at ease. My entire lifestyle is challenged when my anxiety acts up, and I know I’m not alone in this battle. Which is why I have decided to bring CBD to Shaka Bowl, and to incorporate it into our lifestyle brand. We want everyone to be able to handle their stress, practice their healthy lifestyle, and live with a healthy, clear, reasonable mind.

So, what do we do when we’ve gone into deep yogi meditation, wrote down all of our feelings and sadness, our fears? When we’ve ran, and ran until our legs felt numb, and ate all the spinach and drank all of the water, and we still feel… well, off.

I recently have been doing research on research to discover anything to help me.

It was a few weeks, closer to a month ago when Alexis {Founder of Rosebud CBD oil} came into Shaka and brought me samples of her product- it had taken me a while to jump on board when she came knocking on our door a while ago, but sure enough I finally gave in and am happy I did. I’m a super huge skeptic because after the occasional pot recreationally growing up- I found my anxiety peeked after use. But, she is a woman true of her word. CBD oil. Yes, it works. No, it’s not weed, not exactly. Just to clear things up quickly. You will be calmer after extended use, but you will not get high.  I have been using her 350mg under my tongue in the morning, mid-day, and night, and after three weeks, of course-I still have anxiety, yes, but not to the degree I was experiencing it. It is so much easier to breathe and take deep breaths, heck, to even catch my breath. TO ration. TO rid my mind of my dark thoughts. TO run again. TO acknowledge my life. It is SO amazing.

CBD oil is like any remedy we do to make us better- it takes time, and it takes consistency, and it takes a conscious, willing, and open mind. I would never say to “take a hit of your friends cbd pen”, or “use this drop this one time and you’ll immediately feel calmer”. That’s not how this works, or anything really. It means taking this supplement like a vitamin and feeling stronger after 3+ weeks. It works in conjuction with all of the other things we do to make ourselves feel better when we feel extremely anxious. I would never tell someone it would change their life if they simply used it and quit the rest of the remedies they practice to feel good. CBD oil is best used with a drop under the tongue or on top of the tongue so that the mucous membranes of the mouth will absorb some of the tincture directly before it reaches the stomach where acid begins to break it down.

I know for those of you who suffer from pains, and anxiety, and you’re like me who do not believe anything can help are skeptical. I cannot promise this will work for you like it has for me and so many others. All we can do is share our stories. Share our beliefs. Our lives. And try to trust. I’ll leave you with a few stories & reviews based off of Alexis’s Rosebud CBD oil. I, Krista, owner of Shaka Bowl stand behind it. It’s helped me return to my healthy lifestyle, and to me that means everything.

Clare Weible on Nov 23, 2018
“I’ve been taking Rosebud 700mg daily for almost 6 months. I typically take a 1/4 dropper sublingually in the morning and occasionally a second dose later in the day if I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed. It helps ease my tight stomach and chest that often accompanies my anxiety, which in turn makes me feel a lot more at ease. It also seems to help put things into perspective for me so that I’m able to take my day one step at a time and not be overwhelmed with the million things I have to do. I definitely notice an increase in my anxiety when I stop taking it for a few days/a week. I also have Crohn’s Disease and I’m not sure if it helps this or not, but I do feel like it helps any associated pain at least a little! 🙂 I’ve also tried other brands of CBD and did not find as much benefit. Lastly, I love that you can barely taste Rosebud so you can mix it with coffee or food! 10/10 would recommend.”

Jessica on Nov 02, 2018
“I’ve struggled over the past ten years with mental health issues (anxiety/depression) which has led to sleep problems and so on. I’ve been prescribed to many different medications but have been prescription free for 3 years. I was starting a new job/switching careers at the end of the summer and I could not have received my first bottle of 1000mg at a better time. It allowed me to step back, unwind and begin my new job with ease. It allowed me to set a sleep schedule for the first time in my life. I started out with 5-8 drops in my morning coffee and 5-6 drops directly under my tongue at night. After three months at my new job I am only dosing 5-7 drops at night for good rest and using it under the tongue in the morning only when i’m dealing with pain (body soreness, hangover, PMS) or heightened emotions/stress. I’ve suggested this to so many people and have heard how great it works for others as well. Im feel good investing and sharing this product. It has changed my life for the better. 10/10 would recommend to anyone dealing with depression, anxiety, pain, insomnia, PMS.

Kelsey King
Age 29
Rosebud CBD Customer Service Manager, mom, and recovering addict.
“I am a working mom of 2 and a proud girl living in a sober world. Sometimes life can get crazy… I’ve been grateful to have added Rosebud into my daily routine. It calms my mind and body offering a very mellow grounding feeling that allows me to function sober throughout the day. It also allows me to function without impulse triggers. Rosebud has helped me be a more patient balanced parent. I feel alert and focused during the day and get a restful sleep at night. Rosebud has helped me stay sober.”

Norma Martin
Age 72

Retired after years of managing car dealerships, owning a plant and macramé shop, and raising 4 girls. Currently splitting her time between Florida and Ohio.
“My name is Norma, known by most as Nana. I’m 72 years young. I had back surgery 2 years ago on my lower back. It was horrible. So my granddaughter, Alexis, made a suggestion last year around September to try CBD oil for inflammation and pain. At first I was skeptical and unsure if I needed it because I use cannabis (THC) daily. After about 3 months of daily use I ran out of my CBD. I immediately felt the muscles tightening and the pain was back. I use the 700 mg 1/3 of a dropper 3 times a day. Rosebud CBD has been a big help in reducing my back and joint pain.”


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