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Hey guys! I’m Krista and I’m one of the founders of Shaka Bowl. So I figure before we start this whole news letter thing that I should let you guys know a little bit about who I am. Then I’ll leave the trusting up to you. Hopefully along the way we’ll create this whole trust thing where you can trust that I will not only help provide you with nourishing, wholesome, readily convenient food, but that I will also help teach and help you understand WHY it is so important to eat this way and eat these sorts of things. Trust that I will share fun ways to keep active, and happy, and live lightly in this sometime heavy world, and lastly trust that I will always be honest with you guys and hopefully make you laugh here and there along the way.

The truth is we’re all humans. We all struggle in different aspects of our lives. Some days we really need a nudge of encouragement, and some days we simply just need a good laugh, but we do all need something each and every day. I cannot promise to be that for you all of the time, but I can promise you a few things. I promise that the benefits of eating and living a healthier life are far greater than any other thing you can do for yourself. I promise that 30 minutes of exercise is truly all you need. I promise that mediating is not over rated. I promise that love does actually win. And lastly I promise that your perspective is all that matters at the end of every day. If you can trust those simple teachings, you can understand that life really is great, and we all have great things to live for each and every day.

SO me? Who am I? Why do we care? Honestly, maybe we don’t. But maybe I can try convince you to : ) Give me a chance.

SO, I’ll go back to 2014 where this whole Shaka Bowl Journey began. It was the winter of 2014 when my sister Kiersten (Executive Chef Q) as I like to call her filled out all of my paper work, booked my flight, and in the most literal sense dragged me to Hawaii. I was NOT excited to go. In fact, I was so stuck in my New-Jersey-living-kind-of-way that I actually dreaded moving to Hawaii. Funny right? Maybe more like insane right? Especially in January in New Jersey, pure nuts right? Yeah OKAY KRISTA. So I learned what a leap of faith was in the most literal sense possible. I got on a plane 5,000 miles from home to the most REMOTE island in the world from a main body of land (Did you know that?) with just a suitcase and my best friend/sister, Kiersten. Crazy, I know. I didn’t know what I was in for either.

From hitch hiking from beach to beach, to picking the fruit off of my neighbor trees, to snorkeling with the giant sea turtles (honu), to walking up and down the windy roads of little Hilo, I shortly fell immediately in love with that Island. Where else can you be in the rain forest, to the mountains with snow, to the deserts of the south side of the island all within an hour? It was incredible. And truth be told? It taught me SO much about who I was and who I was to become. It made me into the woman I am today. I spent 7 months exploring myself in isolation. I didn’t have a TV therefore I didn’t watch TV for 7 months. I was in college so naturally I didn’t have much money for spending. I spent my days at the local farmers market, reading, writing, teaching myself the practice of yoga, exploring the beauty all around me by truly immersing myself in the Hawaiian culture, the food, and the lifestyle—which for those of you have been lucky enough to visit, will know it is far from anything like the rest of the United States. Through this style of living I understood the value in simplicity, in the absence of materialism, I truly understood my identity without the one I constructed in my then 20 years living in Bergen County, New Jersey. I continue this ideology of living in simplicity, and that’s why Kiersten and I have brought you Shaka. We believe it’s time to bring us back to our roots, to bring simplicity back to the crazy lifestyle of the urban and even suburban lifestyle. I hope you enjoy.


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